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Welcome to Ender Sport Trend Fashion * since 1931 * the renowned specialty store in St. Moritz.

The company builds on its tradition, its strengths and its long experience

and this promotes targeted through innovative and future-oriented measures.
We are looking forward to welcome you.
Ender Sport Trend Fashion – the elegant sport shop


Riviera Cashmere


Cashmere is one of the most popular textile fibers for creating knitwear and accessories for the winter.

All cashmere dresses are recognizable thanks to their softness and lightness of the dresses.

Warm, light, fluffy and give a pleasant feeling of love and protection.


The Riviera Cashmere collection is now available at our store in St. Moritz.


 M. Miller Furs


For over 30 years M. Miller has created a unique niche in Luxury

Outerwear & Skiwear, manufacturing men's & women’s coats, jackets, fur,

skiwear, fur accessories & shearlings.

Made in the USA.


The Riviera Cashmere collection is now available at our store in St. Moritz. 


Daddy's Daugthers


The intimate connection between daughters and fathers, has given them her name.

They find that the cozy epitome of security between a daughter and father best describes

the incomparable quality of the cashmere wool that they use in their products.


They are a young cashmere label from Salzburg

that transforms one hundred percent pure cashmere wool into sporty yet elegant designs;

they embed their dreams into every fiber of the products.

They weave the best quality of cashmere wool with high fashion to create favorite designs.


You do not want to miss the natural beauty, trendy cuts and lots of attention to detail

that they weave into every piece of your wardrobe.


White Turf Polo
CHF 125.00 CHF 49.00
White Turf Polo
CHF 125.00 CHF 49.00

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