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Snow Polo

The original St. Moritz polo shirt can be ordered exclusively online

or you can get it directly in our store.



The "Snowpolo World Cup St. Moritz" is the world's most prestigious winter polo tournament on snow. It will take place on the frozen St. Moritzersee from January 26 to 28, 2018.

This year's sponsors are Cartier, Badrutt's Palace, Maserati and Azerbaijan - a highlight for players and spectators and the social highlight of the St. Moritz winter season.

Like last year, La Martina is the producer of the new team shirts and the polo collection.


SC Cap
CHF 59.00  
SC Knitted Hat
CHF 49.00  
SC Knitted Hat
CHF 69.00  
SC Travel Bag
CHF 179.00  

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